Muramasa is the 3rd tier epic weapon for Swordwarrior. It can only be obtained from the Tyrannical Think Tank by killing Surt or from the subsequent quest rewards. Muramasa's unique skills are Serial Attacks and Brandish, which add additional damage during attacking and a huge critical attack boost respectively.


Refine lv Attack added Materials Fee (Zeny)
+1 +4

Phracon x8

Grand Machete x12

Black-Violet Sickle x16

Valhalla Sword x10

+2 +4 Phracon x10

Steel x8

Black-Violet Tail x14

+3 +4 Phracon x12

Pretty Sandstone x1

Beatufil Sandstone x1

Black-Violet Saw x18

+4 +5 Emveretarcon x10

Steel x8

Force Badge x20

+5 +4 Emveretarcon x12

Ever Embers x10

Flamewolf Wing x12

Trident Tail x12

+6 +4 Emveretarcon x15

Emery x1

Fine Soot x16


Oridecon x12

Phlogopite x1

Snowcrystal x10



1st skill row 2nd skill row
Serial Attacks Brandish
DS Power Up Lv.3 Sword Aptitude
Crit Attack Up Lv.5 Shock Wave
Ancient Technique Endure Lv.5
Enhanced Sword Lv.4 Berserk Lv.3

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