Lord Of Death Edit

The Lord of Niflheim, who commands the legions of the dead. During the Twilight of the Gods, the Queen of the Dead Hel, and the Netherworld Helheim, sank into the abyss. He continues to protect both his Queen and Helheim, proving his loyalty by eliminating all invaders

Locations Edit

  • Tower of Yggdrasil: B200F
  • Story AC4-13: Niflheim Saga
  • Extra Quest 2: Bones and Death and Darkness

Breakable Parts Edit

  • Shield
  • Head
  • Chest Armor

Drops Edit

  • Aura Horse Hair
  • Corpse Lord's Gauntlet
  • Glowing Spear Tip
  • Corpse Lord's Skull
  • Corpse Fur
  • Broken Shield Fragment
  • Broken Shield Handle

Lord of Death WeaponsEdit

  • Doom Slayer (Sword)
  • Napalm Death (Hammer)
  • Mind Reaper (Katar)
  • Soul Destructor (Staff)
  • Deadly Needles (Mace)
  • Abyss Torture (Bow)

Cards Edit





Devotion Lv.5

AP Up Lv.4


Resonance of Twilight Lv.3

Hp Absorption Lv.2


Berserk Lv 4

Tension Up Lv 2


Underworld Protection


Soul Strike Lv.2

★★★★★★(6) Corpse Lord's Dalliance 10
★★★★★★★★★★(10) Red Moon Blessing (All ACE skill damage and charge up. AP usage Down.) 15

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