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Lord of darkness

Lord Of Darkness Edit

The Lord of Death has clad himself in the souls of sinners to become the overlord of darkness. All their malice floods into his body and heart, becoming an endless display of sins. The living who face him are destined to have their life and soul drained, and are condemned to endless agony.

Locations Edit

  • Tower of Yggdrasil: 175F
  • Extra Quest 2-7: Ghost of the Dark Lord
  • Extra Quest 2-8: It Came from Eternal Night

Breakable Parts Edit

  • Shield
  • Head
  • Chest Armor

Drops Edit

  • Dark Horse Vein
  • Dark Lord's Red Gauntlet
  • Dark Lord's Helmet Piece
  • Pigeon Blood Brooch
  • Bloody Shield Fragment
  • Bloody Shield Handle

Cards Edit




★(1) Attack UP Lv.5

Follow-up Attack

★★(2) HP Up Lv.5

High Tension


Hp Up Lv 5

High Tension


Stagger Resist Lv 2

High Upper


Awarness Lv 2

Ap Down Lv 2

★★★★★★(6) Flowing Lifestream

(Gain Life based on damage taken)

★★★★★★★★★(9) Claymore Insight: High

AP Down Lv.2

★★★★★★★★★★(10) Manifestation of Abandoned Souls 15

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