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Potion Description Max Carry Price (Zeny)
Green Potion S Restores a little HP. 9 60
Green Potion M Restores some HP. 9 250
Green Potion L Restores a lot of HP. 6 700
Red Potion S Restores a little SP. 9 150
Red Potion M Restores some SP. 6 500
Red Potion L Restores a lot of SP. 3 1500
Yellow Potion S Ups MAX AP a little and restores some AP. 9 90
Yellow Potion M Increases MAX AP and restores some AP. 9 300
Yellow Potion L Ups MAX AP a lot and restores a lot of AP. 6 800
Blue Potion S Restores a little Tension. 9 150
Blue Potion M Restores some Tension. 6 500
Blue Potion L Restores a lot of Tension. 3 1000
Antidote Cures Poison and Deadly Poison. 6 90
Aloe Leaflet Cures Burns. 6 150
Hinalle Cures Nervous and Apathy. 6 100
Royal Jelly Cures Tired. 6 90
Revitalize Potion Cures Attack Down and Defense Down. 6 100
Bindproof Potion Can temporarily prevent Bind. 6 150
Freezeproof Potion Can temporarily prevent Frozen. 6 150
Panacea Cures all status ailments and boosts Bind/Frozen immunity. 3 600
Concentration Potion Stops AP drain temporarily. 3 400
Awakening Potion Stops AP drain temporarily. 2 900
Odin's Spirits Strange and powerful spirits that give invulnerability. 3 2000
Titan Liquid S Boosts attack power. 3 300
Titan Liquid L Boosts attack power. 2 1000
Giant's Sweat S Boosts defense. 3 300
Giant's Sweat L Boosts defense. 2 1000
Sticky Mucus S Slightly increases MAX HP. 3 100
Sticky Mucus M Increases MAX HP. 2 500
Sticky Mucus L Greatly Increases MAX HP. 1 1000
Cheeseburger Quenches hunger. 9 1000

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