The Sword Warrior use sword to fight his/her enemies in close combat.
The Sword Warrior can also block with his/her sword reducing the recieved
damage but can not guard all typesof attacks can be blocked. Status effects
can not be blocked.

This is the perfect character to play for the beginner, since his/her stats are balanced.


Move Set
Button Action
△ (Triangle) Quick Attack
○ (Circle) Strong Attack
X Jump/Ascend  (AP Cost: 150)
Dash (AP Cost: 150)
R + ○ DS Mode (Drains SP)
R + △ Guard
○+ Left Stick Launch Attack


QA = Quick Attack

SA = Strong Attack

   Land Combo

  1. QA > QA > QA > QA > QA = Last attack has a small pause
  2. QA > SA > SA > SA > SA = Last attack can knockback enemy
  3. QA > QA > SA > SA > SA = Last attack has multiple hits
  4. QA > QA > QA > SA > SA
  5. QA > QA > QA >QA > SA

    Air Combo 

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