Halomonas Sword

  • Path A: Gods Might


  • Path B:

Ishikirimaru<Rougoku> Halomonas Hammer

  • Path A: Mince Maker
  • Path B: Drill Supernova

Halomonas Katar

  • Path A: Sadistic Desire
  • Path B: War God Dragon Blade

Halomonas Staff

  • Path A : Austri Sky Pillar Staff
  • Path B : Holy Bird Vidofnir

Halomonas Mace

  • Path A: Slash Mace <Sky Fang>
  • Path B: Healing Feather

Halomonas Bow

  • Path A: Shiranui Kamui
  • Path B: Yabuma Azusa Bow <Amaterasu>


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